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Westcliffe Green Party
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The views and opinions expressed on these pages are those of the local candidate and his election committee and not necessarily those of the State, National, or other Green Partys


A long time county resident and Colorado native, Jerry has a wide variety of experiences. As a Viet Nam era Navy minesweeper veteran Jerry recognized the need for and organized and manned our County Veterans Service Office. He has owned and operated a successful retail buisness. He has been employed locally in construction and remodeling. He is familiar with the problems and challenges facing our county. He knows County Commissioner is a full time job. Campaign Donations Welcome, mail to
Jerry Lacy, PO Box 1156
Westcliffe, Co, 81252
Time for a change? We think so. Help us elect Jerry Lacy County Commissioner for District 3.

We Propose

The Green Party proposes a comprehensive political reform agenda, including full public financing of elections and free and equal radio and television time for all viable candidates. Greens support significant lobbying regulation to disclose the extent of political lobbying via "gifts" and contributions
Green Politics is dedicated to pursuing a broad range of issues from energy, transportation and environment to health care, labor issues and the rights of indigenous peoples. Fundamental reform of government and the electoral system to empower citizens and restore and protect democracy is an important part of Green activism. We believe that resisting free trade treaties like NAFTA and MAI and addressing wealth inequalities in our society is essential to protecting our democratic rights.