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We all seem to know what "Heart Songs" are, but most of us would have trouble defining the term. When your heart is full to overflowing with emotion, that overflow can emerge as words trying to transmit that emotion to others. That's the best I can do. The emotion may be "love", whatever that word means, (now there's a Heart Song waiting to be sung) but other intense emotions may also evoke a heart song. I'll start with one of mine and then pass the feather.


I thought I was so simple, I had ME figured out. A brain, with arms and legs and such, to help me get about.

I thought it all so obvious, I know what makes me tick. A job to do, a friend or two, to help through thin and thick.

But then I found I had to move, to places that were new. to try them out, and live awhile, and search for what seemed true.

The friends, it seemed, had tests to pass, or they wern't worth my time. They had their way, they had their truth, but seldom was it mine.

The job became a holy grail, with things to find, and prove. I found, and proved, and no one cared. I guess it's time to move.

Then friends and place and job were one, it seemed a perfect plan. But still I found I had to leave, and search for who I AM.

I think I am so simple, I've got Me figured out, a soul, with arms and legs and such, to help me get about.

Open Road Songs

The fire tender has an "Open Road" song and if no one comes up with an addition to this page soon I guess I'll put it here. Fair Warning! I find Heart Songs all over Hyperspace. For an excellent example go to the links page and click on "Rainbow Friends"