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The protocol at the Gathering regarding photographs is to ask permission before pointing the camera. My photos showing recognizable people were with permission. If anyone objects to any of these photos please advise me and I will take them down. I have no pictures of the REAL Rainbow Gathering, the magic doesn't seem to show up on film. The new cameras are small enough to carry with you all the time, but I had other things to carry and use during most of the Gatherings and couldn't be bothered with a camera case except for a few picture taking expeditions. Most of my photos are of stage settings and of the actors offstage, the show seems to resist being defined by pictures.




This was the first Gathering for some of us, magic for all of us. The cross country trek from Texas to Washington became a walkabout "Journey To The West" revisiting old haunts and shrines. The Whitehawk Clan was welcomed as long lost brothers.
The old Polaroid pictures don't hold up too well, but look at the size of the TeePee circle. A great Gathering, lots of first times.
Grey Eagle took the rest of these pictures of the Washington Gathering, thanks to Michel for saving them. We had a very comfortable camp, lots of good food and drink. The Mash setup was very professional. One medic played his bagpipes from the ridge behind our camp every morning.
Celebrations and music everywhere
The main circle was large every night, the circle on the 4th was huge




At late fall small gathering on the continental divide west of Truth Or Consequences, we were warned about rain and snow, but the Rainbow Magic Drums worked. We had warm and sunny days and the meadow was frosty diamonds in the moonlight.
Many Rainbow Tales originated here, fire dances, time warps, Forest Rangers with painted faces giving horseback rides to selected campers, and Deputy Sheriff Doodaa singing old English Folk songs in a high falsetto. He had checked us out on duty and reported no problems. Then he took some days off and came back to stay with us.




The only clue I had to the location of the gathering was a rain soaked note taped to the back door of the health food store in Pagosa Springs. I could make out a few legible words "Home", "west", and "careful", so I headed west and there it was, "HOME" in front of an abandoned store and a road up the Piedras River. Small vehicles made it to the end of the road and up a steep track to bus village, but the only big bus to try it had to turn around on the very narrow road.
Badger told me it was only about 3 miles in to the site so I set out expecting to be there for lunch. I qestioned him later about why it took me almost all day to hike his "3 miles". He showed me his sectional map, and sure enough, it was only 3 as the crow flies miles across many bends in the river and over a couple of ridges.
It was worth the walk. A wide meadow beside the river with a small stream running through it made an ideal campsite. We had trout for breakfast.
The Peace Pole from the Republican Convention in Dallas came through bus village for a rest stop. They told us they were on there way around the world, making peace with people and goverments. We later learned they made it all the way to Moscow and shared a pipe with Gorbechov.