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Welcome to the Fire!

By C D Newell

Perhaps you,too, will share your stories. It's safe here within the circle of flickering light. Those malevolently glowing eyes out there in the darkness just beyond the fire are the beasts that haunt us all our lives. Some we've seen before as children on black and terrifying nights when we were all alone. There are others that we cannot see with earthly eyes, only sense their awful presence - all minions of the Grim One who stands hooded, scythe glittering, watching, waiting on the edge of the night. Come! Don't be afraid! They cringe in awe, quake in fear at this manifestation of the Omnipotent, this fire which cleanses all things, removes all traces, the way man may to choose to purify himself... ..
Come closer! Share its warmth with me and others who have come before you from out of hiding in the night full of hungry demons from the nether world. Add your sticks of truth, a little at a time, look deep within to the very center, to the agonizingly white, shimmering heart of the fire and feel the soothing waves of heat waft over you and bask in emanations far more subtle, the key to your salvation at that time when you must enter into this awful heat that can, perhaps, destroy a soul. There are saints and there are sinners here tonight. Some of the beasts have already possessed you and you know them well. Others function below your conscious level, gleefully wreaking their havoc. But, that's why you've come to the fire. Flickering firelight strips masks, freezing expressions almost strobe-like for momentary flashes of insight of those in the circle 'round the fire. What each has allowed themselves to become glows other-dimensionally around them as their auras pick up in reflection the colors in the fire. All of the colors are in the fire, all representing some aspect of us, down to each subtle tint flashing on its matching facet in ourselves. Most circles 'round a fire are blazing rainbows, like the Northern Lights in microcosm with, once in a while, a pulsating white aura, itself a beacon in the night and feared by the beasts, for it has grappled with and cast them out back through countles lives. How long have you wandered and where have you been and what have you learned? Are you a vibrant new soul tasting new fruits and oblivious to all else? Or are you an old soul who has learned the lesson of the Age, quietly speaking your truths and waiting in an almost breathless hush for the Fulfillment? Are you a teacher come out of the wilderness of experiences half-starved and half-crazy seeking companions who can understand your words of wisdom? Or, are you lost, desperately crying out to the nothingness and hearing only echos of yourself?

Stop your racing thoughts for just a moment, if it takes all the courage you possess. Feel the love we in the circle project out to you, grasp it, hold it to you, bask in its peace and its warmth, know that it is Love that is our most precious treaure. When the Grim Reaper beckons or we feel His icy breath raise hairs on the back of our neck as his long, boney finger glides triumphantly out to touch us with the sting of death when we have lost the game, remember, the demons can never exist in the fire. Only love, which is pure, survives the coming conflagration and the grave... .. Come into my words at your own level. It doesn't matter where you are upon the ladder of awareness you are needed, perhaps for the first time in your life, you are needed to close a circle 'round a fire. I ain't nothing special - you needn't be either, but I know about fires and the people around them... ..