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Throughout history Shamans, Scientists, Philosophers, Priests, and others have detected subtile energies outside the conventional categories.

Many labels and descriptions have been recorded, from the Hindu "Akasha, a primordial substance that pervades the entire universe, the substratum of both mind and matter", to physicist David Bohm's "implicate order",and Gregg Braden's "Divine Matrix".

I believe all these terms are about a field of pure information that precedes physical reality. This information field contains the patterns that reality follows. We could call this the "I" Field, but information requires a medium, a pre-physical medium. Consciousness is present at all levels of reality and independent of physical reality. In "The Emperor's New Mind" Roger Penrose explores Quantum Consciousness. I believe that consciousness, the "C" Field, carries the information, the patterns, that form and shape our universe. The interactions of these patterns, these probabilities, create the reality we experience. The universe seems to be a HOLOGRAM, with the "C" Field the reference beam and self-aware consciousness, "C2", the object beam. Holography records the interference patterns of two waves to recreate the subject in 3 dimensions. In The Holographic Universe Michael Talbot explores these concepts.

The term "L" Field was coined byDr. Harold Saxton Burr circa 1930 and the term has been used since to cover a variety of phenomena. These electromagnetic patterns are the physical manifestation of the "C" Field information.

These "C" Field patterns have not been detectable in the electromagnetic spectrum by conventional instruments, but with "psychotronic" devices that rely on the operators skill to obtain subjective results, unacceptable to conventional science. In 1949 a patent was issued to Thomas G. Hieronymus for "DETECTION OF EMANATIONS FROM MATERIALS AND MEASUREMENT OF THE VOLUMES THERE OF", describing a device that detects the "C" Field patterns. He called the radiations "eloptic", meaning they conformed to both electrical and optical laws. Then Dr.Wilhelm Reich published several books on his Orgone theory, leading to wide acceptance of his methods and ultimately his persecution by the government. Then Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D., N.D." published her book "The Cure For All Diseases" detailing resonant frequencies for many pathogens and life forms and means for dissrupting the patterns of pathogens. Her detection devices are also "psychotronic" and her treatment methods controversial, but effective, leading to her persecution by the government. Dr. Clark's frequencies for life forms fit the octave charts precisely.

Progress toward general recognition of these patterns by conventional science has been slow. Both believers and non-believers get the results they expect from experiments.

Note C D E F G A B
Delta .50 .562 .625 .666 .75 .833 .937
Brain 1.00 1.125 1.25 1.333 1.50 1.666 1.875
Waves 2.00 2.25 2.50 2.666 3.00 3.333 3.75
Theta wav Lucid Dreaming State 5.333 6.00 6.666 7.50
Alpha wav 8.00 9.00 REM Dream 10.666 12.00 13.333 ASLEEP
Beta wav AWAKE 18.00 EYES OPEN 24.00 26.666 Alert
ELF 32.00 Gamma Brain Waves 48.00 53.333 60.00
Radio 64.00 72.00 80.00 85.333 96.00 106.666 120.00
Waves 128.00 144.00 160.00 170.666 192.00 213.333 240.00
ELF 256.00 288.00 320.00 341.333 384.00 426.666 480.00
ELF 512.00 576.00 640.00 682.666 768.00 853.333 960.00
VLF 1024.00 1152.00 1280.00 1365.33 1536.00 1706.66 1920.00
Radio 2048.00 2304.00 2560.00 2730.66 3072.00 3413.33 3840.00
Waves 4096.00 4608.00 5120.00 5461.33 6144.00 6826.66 7680.00
VLF 8192.00 9216.00 10240.0 10922.6 12288.0 13653.3 15360.0
VLF 16384.0 18432.0 20480.0 21843.3 24576.0 27306.6 30720.0
VLF 32786.0 36864.0 40960.0 43686.6 49152.0 54611.3 61440.0
VLF 65536.0 73728.0 81920.0 87373.3 98304.0 109222.6 122880
VLF 131K 147K 164K 175K 197K 218K 246K
AM radio 524K MITES ---- MITES ---- MITES 983K
AM radio 1048K INSECTS ---- ---- ---- INSECTS 1966K
HF radio 2097K 2359K 2621K 2796K 3146K 3495K 3932K
HF radio 4194K 4719K 5243K 5592K 6291K 6990K 7864K
VHF radio ANIMAL ---- ---- AND ---- HUMAN LIFE
VHF radio 16777K 18874K 20972K 22367K 25166K 27961K 31457K
VHF radio 33M 38M 42M 48M 50M 56M 63M
FM TV 66M Four Octaves Ultra High Radio Freq.
Radar 1056M Eight Octaves Micro Wave Radio Freq.
IR Rays 128000 Four Octaves Infra Red Waves 9000
Visible 8000 7111 6400 6000 5333 4800 4266
UV Rays 4000 Five  Octaves Ultra Violet Rays 141 Ang.
X Rays 125 Seventeen Octaves X = Unknown .01 ?
Gamma .001 Ang. Unknown Octaves Gamma Rays To sub- Atomic ?
Time ? Maybe One  Octave Time Waves in this Reality