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Well, what do you think? Is all this too much for you or just more of the same in a different order? Have you looked at the different charts and noticed how the different domains seem to fit the octave theory? With the Electro-magnetic waves as the start, and our own brain waves as the starting point, all the rest of the EM spectrum falls perfectly into place. There is exactly one octave that is our visible window to the universe. We call it "light", but the photons at those frequencies are no different than the ones we can feel on our skin and call "heat". They're just a bit higher in frequency. Our brains are aware of a much greater part of the EM spectrum, humming along with the 60 cycle current all around us and responding with mood swings and other emotions to many other fields we are emersed in. We have no choice with the EM spectrum, that's just the way it is. I sometimes wonder why we haven't made up a one word label for it, whatever "it" really is. Electro hyphen Magnetic seems a bit clumsy. At times "IT" seems to be electrical in nature and sometimes magnetic and sometimes both. But doesn't that mean that we don't really know very much about "IT"? Electrical implies physical circuits with "Electrons" pumped in at one end and doing work at the other. Magnetic is action at a distance, and it's all done with photons. Photons and all the other sub-atomic entities have been found in two places at the same time, and are undecided about what they are, particle or wave? With conventional belief syatems this creates the intriguing wave/particle paradox. With this system it is only an artifact of the stroboscopic nature of this reality. Oh well!
With sound waves we do have a choice. In the good/bad old days we made musical instruments that were tuned to the natural frequencies of our bodies and environment. Many cultures still do, but such a tuning is only "in tune" from one starting point, or "key" in the modern system. When keyboard string instrument were first introduced they had to be de-tuned from the natural tuning to prevent all the strings humming along with whatever was being played. This produced the modern "justified" tuning. It allows modern instruments to be almost in tune in any key but it detuned our music away from the natural frequencies of our bodies. Precise natural frequencies have profound effect on the human body. Pythagoras is reported to have told his students that a stone was frozen music. I liked that and wondered how to get the music back out of the stone. The octave chart is the way. Transpose the chemicals and proportions in the stone up the chart to become musical notes and you have a melody. Let some rain drops fall upon the stone and you have a rhythm and a counterpoint. I also wondered what "stones" were hidden in unfrozen music. Simple, transpose down the octaves from the notes and infer the chemical formula. What a beautiful way to encode secret information. Could classical music contain hidden formulas?
Each of the elements resonates with exact electromagnetic frequencies and with sound waves and other, more subtle vibrations. This natural phenomena may be used to induce changes not possible with chemistry alone. These changes also work both ways. You cannot separate the experimenter from the experiment. The decision to perform a given experiment is made with some expected result in the mind of the experimenter. This perhaps unconscious intention shapes probability waves and influences the result.
Precise fields of vibration can he generated that will entrain brain waves to produce desired states of consciousness.
Parallel or alternate realities may he accessible by tuning to out of phase frequencies. I believe this is the primary purpose of the Shaman's drum. Drum circles with several drummers entrained increase the strength of the field to the square of the number of drummers, an exponential rather than an additive function
Chemical and electro-chemical reactions may be enhanced and better understood with the elemental octave chart. There is more going on here than just the chemical attributes of the atomic electron shell. For instance, take the chemicals involved in a lead-acid storage battery. Plot them on the elemental octave chart and notice that if you saw that on the sound octave chart it would be a natural chord. You can move that chord around on element chart and find elements of other existing batteries. You may also find other possible battery elements.
What are the implications and applications of all this? Broadly speaking, whatever we are already doing or trying to do may benefit directly if these natural relationships are enhanced rather than suppressed. I can think of no field of human endeavor that would not be enriched by a more harmonious relationship with the universe.