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A belief system is a filter through which an entity views reality. A belief system that does not include and understand the mind that contains it is a prison and can only consider the secondary aspects of the reality it inhabits and is condemned to a reactionary existence. Entities with such a system will believe the secondary aspects to be causative rather than effects and have no true measure of their actions. They will record reality as a string of temporal events and look backward to discover cause where there is none, or forward to anticipate events they believe to be outside their influence. Such searching, historically, has led to conflicting dogma and meaningless ritual.

The real world doesnít seem to be as real as most people believe it is. Scientific evidence reveals all of reality, including spacetime, to be composed of discrete indivisible particles, called quanta. We have discovered, named, and explored the quanta of mass and energy. Space and time have been divided into arbitrary convenient pieces because thatís where every thing is and happens. But at the quantum level they arenít separate things. Spacetime is the quanta of this reality, the canvas where mass and energy leave their print. Spacetime, like everything else, seems to manifest at a particular frequency. ItĎs here, then it isnít, then it is. No way to measure the frequency or endurance. Fast and slow, hours or eons only happen when itís here.

I have tried to keep my belief system open enough to include whatever comes along and incorporate whatever empirically seems to be true. At present I believe that:

Reality is a stroboscopic hologram composed of standing waves created within a continuum by the interference patterns of different probability waves. This continuum is a field of unlimited potential containing only the probability of becoming more than it is. These standing waves comprise the warp and woof of the continuum that is to become reality. This is the primary matrix that is pre-existent and implicit in any possible reality. That such a field exists is the ONLY article of faith in my belief system. This field of potential is not subject to reductionists syllogisms or attempts to discover itsí nature. It is composed of nothing and has no nature.

The physical manifestation of reality, time, space, energy, matter, etc. appears as a standing wave created by the interference patterns of different probability waves within this continuum. The particular reality an entity experiences is composed of pre-existent probability waves, an inherited stage and setting, and probabilities introduced by the participants.

The physical duration of reality is maintained by a pattern that bridges the gap of being to nothingness to being again. Reality IS there all the TIME, but time can only be during the strobe like peaks of the primary standing wave within the fieldÖ No thing, no reality, exists between these peaks. Pattern, pure information, persists, creating reality anew at each peak. Pattern is carried on the wings of consciousness.

Consciousness is present and causative at all levels of reality, from the primary urges toward being of elementary particles to the plans and prayers and postulates of self conscious entities. Conscious consciousness, the self aware entity aware of itsí consciousness can effect all of reality.

The skeptic says "I'll believe it when I see it". I say, you'll see it when you believe it.

It's along about now that people start to question me about my religion. I tell them that as a young man I gave in to tribal customs and peer pressure and joined a death cult that worshipped suffering and practiced ritual cannibalism. I didn't much like their meetings or music and they didn't practice what they preached, so I dropped out. But I thought there had to be something valuable there or it wouldn't have survived all this time. So I studied organized Christianity and looked for the source of the current beliefs. Of course I read and studied the bible but found almost no biblical justification for all the different modern systems. The Jewish Tribal history in the Old Testament is interesting but it isn't my tribal history. I found the same basic ideas in other religions, and the same twisted interpretations of the original documents. I came to one conclusion. If your God has a favorite tribe or language or country or spokesman, it's part of the problem, not the solution.