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This information is offered as a work in progress, not a polished thesis. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

What do quantum physics, the Tarot cards,a piano, and a rainbow have in common? Anything you can think of, from astronomy to xylophone, from sub-atomic particles to the orbits of planets, everything follows a common order.

Everyone is familiar with the most obvious example of this order, the musical scale. The octave, a doubling of frequency in twelve half note steps, is universal in all of reality. The natural harmonic relationships are displayed on the piano keyboard, with seven major and five minor probabilities. This is the natural order of reality, an intrinsic pattern the universe follows.
These charts seem to me to be a logical and obvious extension and extrapolation of quantum theory. The Information contained in the charts has been obtained from material available in any good library or on the web, only the Arrangement and correlation differ from standard textbooks. None of the material is arbitrary; it is all based on or derived from natural phenomena. These intervals and relationships have been established for several thousand years

Chart Orientation

The charts are rendered for reading on a web page, that is from left to right and top to bottom. As two dimensional models of an "n" dimensional reality there is no really accurate format. The octaves in the sound wave chart would appear more conventional if shown as a piano keyboard in a linear layout, but this would hide the important relationships to other domains. A three dimensional model as an ascending spiral is a little closer to the way it seems to be, but the model would only be of use if similar models of the other impinging domains could be superimposed. The real modeling takes place in your brain. Use the charts as a map of a complex interacting matrix, each chart showing implied grid lines that the other domains weave through.

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