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I offer this information as a work in progress. Pythagoras started it over 2500 years ago in ancient Greece. The work was continued by the Taoist in China with the I Ching, by the Buddhist with the "Eight Fold Path", and by Patanjali with the eight Yoga "steps". The more recent work by John Newland and Mendeleyev in the 1870's gave us the periodic table of elements, and Hepler gave us the Laws Of Planetary Motion. Nikolai Tesla "Saw" that everything in the universe obeys these laws and used that vision when inventing our modern electrical syatem. With that as a background I started putting things together on my own. A paper by Robert Anton Wilson, "The Octave of Energy", details the most recent work with human energy systems by Timothy Leary, John Lilly, Robert Anton Wilson, Gurdjieff and Gene Roddenberry. We're all saying about the same thing,
What do quantum physics, the Tarot cards, a piano, and a rainbow have in common? Anything you can think of, from astronomy to xylophone, from sub-atomic particles to the orbits of the planets, everything follows a common order. Everyone is familiar with the most obvious example of this order, the musical scale. The octave, a doubling of frequency in twelve half note steps, is universal in all of reality. The natural harmonic relationships are displayed on the piano keyboard, with seven major and five minor probabilities. This is the natural order of reality, an intrinsic pattern the universe follows.


I have listed the True frequencies in cycles per second to correspond with other natural phenomena, brain waves, for instance. All brains, human and otherwise, oscillate at these frequencies. With the human brain there are precisely three octaves of "Delta", a smooth sine wave, followed by one octave of "Theta", a very different sharp wave with spikes instead of smooth hills and valleys, then, one octave of "Alpha", another smooth sine wave with REM dreams occurring at 10 CPS. The octave jump to "Beta" waves, again a sharp spiky wave, is the moment of awakening. Conscious awareness is in Beta. Your eyes open at about 20 CPS. The Electromagnetic wave chart is continued from these natural beginnings through Gamma waves. Our window to the universe, visible light, is precisely one octave in about the middle of the spectrum in a vast sea of radiation.


The sound wave chart uses these natural frequencies and the natural harmonic relationships rather than the "justified" modern scale.1CPS to 15 CPS are sub-audible just as 1 to 15 CPS brain waves are subconscious.There are about 10 octaves audible and about 5 octaves ultra-sonic.
Try to read these charts as if they were superimposed over each other. Realize that any position on any chart has a corresponding position on all the other charts. Each musical note, for instance, has a corresponding color, element, energy center in the human body, and electromagnetic frequencies that it resonates with. Brainwaves of a specific frequency, for instance, may be induced by sounds, colors, elements, and electromagnetic fields that are in harmonic relationships. Alchemical reactions may be enhanced in a similar manner.


The standard Periodic Table of Elements shows the chemical attributes of the electron shell, my chart shows the alchemical attributes of the nucleus. The Human Energies chart shows the correspondence of different subtle energy systems to the other domains. Our bodies and brains tend to entrain with these subtle energies and vibrations from the other domains. Cross referencing between different charts yields interesting results. A musical melody may be decoded into a chemical formula. A molecular substance may be interpreted as a musical melody. These harmonic relationships are present in all of reality. If you look for them you will find that many common objects display secrets that would be hidden without this basic understanding.Understanding that these octaves of reality extend from sub-atomic particles through the electromagnetic spectrum to the chemical elements to sound waves and brain waves and that each of these facets relate harmoniously to each other is the beginning of a new wisdom.

These charts seem to me to be a logical and obvious extension and extrapolation of quantum theory. The Information contained in the charts has been obtained from material available in any good library or on the web, only the Arrangement and correlation differ from standard textbooks. None of the material is arbitrary; it is all based on or derived from natural phenomena. These intervals and relationships have been established for several thousand years.

The charts are rendered for reading on a web page, that is from left to right and top to bottom. As two dimensional models of an "n" dimensional reality there is no really accurate format. The octaves in the sound wave chart would appear more conventional if shown as a piano keyboard in a linear layout, but this would hide the important relationships to other domains. A three dimensional model as an ascending spiral is a little closer to the way it seems to be, but the model would only be of use if similar models of the other impinging domains could be superimposed. The real modeling takes place in your brain. Use the charts as a map of a complex interacting matrix, each chart showing implied grid lines that the other domains weave through.